Help me to find justice for my deceased wife

I need your support in my search of the truth behind the death of my wife, at 33 years of age. Help me prevent any more loss of innocent life at the hands of an irresponsible doctor.

On Sep 6th 2016, my first child was born. The day after, my wife passed away. The cause of death was massive bleeding as a result of a C-section performed during the childbirth. Bleeding started from her uterus after the delivery and culminated in DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation), which took away the ability of the blood to clot and resulted in continuous bleeding from multiple organs of her body.

Soojin, my wife, was originally from South Korea, and worked for the United Nations in Jordan. I followed her to Amman as a house husband. As long as I could stay with my wife, I was a happy man, personal career concerns shunted aside.
The day after she passed away I received a 2-page report from the hospital. It was written by Dr. K (I will leave the name anonymous), who was in charge of her operations and who also happens to be the president of the hospital. The report had several factual mistakes and did not even explain the cause of death. The most misleading statement was the following: "At around 6:30 AM (on Sep 7th), she [my wife] became irritable and upon trying to take her vital signs, her husband was aggressive and uncooperative and asked us to leave the room. Her condition deteriorated quickly and she went into shock. She was transferred immediately to the operating theatre and she developed cardio-vascular arrest."

This is absolutely false. At 6:30 AM my wife was already unconscious, her face having turned pale while her lips became white. At such a critical time, asking medical staff to leave the room is tantamount to murder. Nobody would do such a foolish thing. Far from it, at that very time I was pleading with the doctors and nurses to attend to Soojin, screaming "Please help! Her face is pale and she is breathing strangely!"

The hospital also shared a set of medical files on Soojin, and I shared these with gynecologists, pediatricians and hematologists in Japan. They all stated that the files lack very basic information. In Japan, a medical report is supposed to include the doctor's statements on the results of the medical examinations performed, the evaluation of the patients' condition, and the justification for which medical interventions were taken, at which stage. However, the files did not contain any of these materials. This raised many questions, such as whether a blood test was administered at the right time, whether the amount of blood transfusion was appropriate, whether the hysterectomy was done at the right moment, and when the hospital noticed that Soojin was hit with DIC.

I prepared a letter to Dr. K with three main requests. First, I asked him to edit the incorrect information on his medical report. Second, I asked him to share all the medical data including Soojin's pulse and heart-rate. Lastly, I asked him to explain how they evaluated the condition of Soojin in a chronological order and what interventions they took, at which stage, and based on what information. On Oct 5th 2016, I went to the hospital and submitted this letter to Dr. K in person and asked him to respond by Oct 12th.

On Oct 12th, I received an email from Dr. K. stating that "The file and supporting documents including the medical report dated 8 September 2016 explain and clarify in full details the events, medical measures and procedures that took place in respect of late Mrs. Soojin Hyung's case". All my questions were ignored. I replied, "Please read my questions carefully and answer one by one". Then, he replied that "all the information on the report is correct. For the rest of questions, please give me one week to prepare". I have not heard anything from him since.

Then, something more unbelievable occurred. On Oct 7th, I received the autopsy report. Much of this four-page hand-written report was copied verbatim from the report written by Dr. K. Needless to say, the false part in which I supposedly asked medical staff to leave the room is included. Moreover, Soojin's uterus was not examined. The original cause of her death was bleeding from the uterus, and so, without examining her uterus, it would be difficult to know the real cause in more details. During the operations, Soojin's uterus was taken out, without prior consensus nor notification afterwards, and it was not even examined in the autopsy. I do not even know where it is currently.

There is no gynecologist in the Middle East who does not know Dr. K. The Jordanian Royal Family is treated by Dr. K and many pregnant women from neighboring countries come to Jordan just to seek his medical expertise. Many Western diplomats in Jordan also use this hospital for their deliveries. In other words, Dr. K. is the “King” of this field.

That is well reflected in the last sentence of his report: "I would like to emphasize at the end that there was no negligence at all or delay from the hospital". ‘Negligence’, which, in principal, can only be judged by the judiciary, is being defined by the doctor himself, who was in charge of operations. It is difficult to believe that such statement could be so openly made in the official letter.

There is not much a foreigner like myself can do to take action against such a famous doctor. If there is an institution that could help me, it would be either Korean or Japanese embassy in Jordan. I asked both embassies if they could accompany me to submit a letter to Dr. K., after explaining that I did not get all the information I needed from the hospital. However, the Korean embassy refused, stating "it is not the job of the embassy to raise medical questions to the hospital", and the Japanese embassy also declined by saying "since the embassy is not the party directly concerned with this case, the best thing is to solve within the conflict resolution system, that includes judiciary, in Jordan".

There seemed to be no way out for me, so I had no choice but to go for the legal recourse. I was forced to go back to Japan at the end of October, since I could no longer apply for a visa extension as a dependent of Soojin. Then, I flew back to Jordan on November 29th and, with support from a Jordanian lawyer introduced to me by a friend, I submitted a letter of complaint against the hospital and Dr. K. to the Office of the General Prosecutor in Jordan. On Nov 30th, a prosecutor called me for an interview and he promised me that his office would order the hospital to disclose all the information related to the death of Soojin.

The Prosecutor established a special committee composed of three Jordanian gynecologists, who evaluated the medical files submitted by the hospital and, in July 2017, handed over their report to the prosecutor. The report noted that it was extremely odd to see an autopsy report that includes reports prepared by the hospital. They concluded that the hospital and Dr. K. caused the death of my wife by failing to act quickly even though they must have known of the high possibility of massive bleeding caused by the loosening of the uterus. Based on this report, the Office of the Prosecutor of Jordan has charged Dr. K with medical negligence. The prosecutor states that, even though Dr. K. should have been aware of the possibility of massive bleeding after conducting a C-Section on Soojin, he did not provide proper and timely medical care, such as doing a hysterectomy, that, as a result, resulted in the death of my wife.
Upon informing of my wife’s passing on the 7th of September 2016, Dr. K. added these words: “this is the first time such a thing has happened in this hospital”. This comment incensed me, adding to the emotional shock I was experiencing. Why would I care whether or not this was the first time this happened in their hospital? That statement was nothing more than a reflection of his desire to protect the reputation of the hospital. I felt so helpless and guilty that I had handed over the life of my wife and child to such a man. And I became certain that Dr. K would commit the same mistake again. I now feel obliged to prevent such a tragedy from taking place again by finding out the truth behind Soojin’s death. I hope to hear a sincere and honest explanation at the trial.

I named my son "千汪”(Theo). 千 means one thousand in Japanese, and 汪 means tears. When he was born and welcomed to the world, one thousand people shed tears; I would like him to be as sympathetic to the tears of others as his mother was. I would also like for the hospital and Dr. K. to feel the massive amount of tears that flowed after Soojin’s death.

This fund will be used to help pay legal fees, including the retainer for the lawyer, the fee to fly to Jordan to testify in court, the fee to translate all the relevant files from Arabic to English, and other related costs involving this lawsuit, which could take several years.

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